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John Powell

Public Servant

Fiscal Conservative Republican

Native of Charlotte, NC

"Turn The Ship"

I want To Serve Our Community

In 2014, my political focus changed from being a voter, to getting further engaged. My wife and I opened our home to support our local and state-wide judges. The goal was to raise money to help their campaigns. We were able to raise enough money to fund the judicial radio blast across the state.

After this success, our Mecklenburg County GOP Chairman at that time, Brad Overcash, asked me to run for local office. I was honored to be asked to serve. After discussing with community leaders and thoughtful consideration, I decided to run for Charlotte City Council At-Large.

In my first race I would have won with only 249 additional votes.  Further proof that every vote counts! My second race was a successful fundraising effort, and I was the top Republican vote recipient. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome the four Democratic candidates.

I have continued to stay politically engaged with current and future candidates. I am a Fellow of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership and The Institute For The Public Trust. 

Professionally I am a State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser with Valbridge Property Advisors.

Mecklenburg County Republican Party



The landscape of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County continues to change. 

To quote Jim Morrill with the Charlotte Observer:

"... It's just tough to be a "R" in Charlotte these days ..." 


It Is Tough, But Worth Fighting For

We will become an improved Republican Party. We will open our doors and welcome everyone who is a fiscal conservative. 

We believe that over-regulation by our government is detrimental to our well-being – for residents and business owners alike.

We must recruit and vet those candidates who are willing and qualified to serve in City, County, State and/or Federal Government. 

We will continue to promote our message while expanding our base.


How Do We Achieve This

If elected as Chairman, I bring the experience of relationship building, raising money, and I know first-hand the support candidates need.

It is the responsibility of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party to support our candidates. 

Thank you Senator Jeff Tarte and County Commissioner Jim Puckett with your public statements:


There's much to share. There is much to do.

We must realize the same old way will not work. We do not stray for our fundamental  ideals of being fiscally conservative. There are short-term and long-term strategies that must be implemented if we are to successfully be represented by our Republican Leaders.

Participate in our upcoming Precinct Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at Myers Park High School. Registration opens at 9:00 AM, and the doors are locked at 10:00 am for our business to begin.

If you have any question about attending this meeting,

please click on the link below to access your Absentee Letter

By electing me, John Powell, as your next Mecklenburg County Republican Party Chairman, we can

"Turn This Ship."

Thank you for your past support, and your future commitment and willingness to help.

2019 MeckGOP Absentee Letter
John Powell - Candidate for Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Party

Thank you for Your Support and Vote

Inspiration For Our Republican Candidates