Our Campaign


We are a collaboration of people of all classes, of different races, of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and religious beliefs who love Charlotte. We have joined together to inspire Charlotteans to believe Charlotte is the Queen City, the Crown Jewel of the South.


My charge and priority as your City Councilman At-Large is to place an emphasis on Public Safety, Economic Development with the creation of Jobs, and stabilize Infrastructure to support the thriving growth our city is experiencing today and anticipated in the next decade.


I am here to ACT for you, being;





Become A Volunteer


 Volunteering is a great step to become more involved in our City and her future. Within our campaign we meet, we talk, we share ideas, and we respectfully debate those ideas where we don’t agree.

We come to a consensus. This is the process of good governance. This is how local government, a body like City Council should operate.


 I ask every person who wants to volunteer, “Why”? Explanations are numerous, but the common thread is that they each want to learn. People see me as someone who truly cares about our city and our community. I am someone with a servant heart, not just someone who wants to “get elected”.


 Our Future Together


 Just John” – Our Monthly Blog and Communique


 As a City Councilman, one of my key responsibilities will be to LISTEN to all my constituents. In order to accomplish this, I would ask you to email your questions to our campaign so that we can actively engage with each other. I would request you click on the link below to email your questions.




Please email your questions so we can build this Blog together. I will answer a few questions each week, and save a few questions (as a good fiscally responsible public servant) for those slower weeks.

Look for a weekly update on our blog.


Meet John Powell

I am Accountable. I am Consistent. I am Trustworthy.

If you are a native son like I am, or if you have just arrived today, Charlotte is our home. Home is where we live, where we work and where we raise our families. Our businesses, our jobs, our homes and our families are our most important investments. As a businessman in Charlotte for the past 30 years, I realize protecting our investments is essential. We need a leader with business experience and common sense, who will listen to his constituents and protect those basic needs.

I am that leader. I will focus on core responsibilities that the office requires and not promote personal agendas. Those requirements align with my platform – Public Safety, Economic Development/Jobs, and Community.

Together We Can Make History

Together We Will ACT!

As your Charlotte City Councilman At-Large, I will always ACT in the best interest of all Charlotteans.


  • Accountable
  • Consistent
  • Trustworthy


Count Down To Early Voting

Count Down To Victory

Join the team to make every second count before election day.

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Dates to Remember:

First Day of Absentee (By Mail) Friday, October 6th 8:00 AM

Deadline for Registration Friday, October 13th 5:00 PM

First Day of Absentee (In Person) Thursday, October 19th 8:00 AM

Last Day Absentee (By Mail) Tuesday, October 31st 5:00 PM

Last Day Absentee (In Person) Saturday, November 4th 1:00 PM

Last Day to Return Absentee Ballots Monday, November 6th 5:00 PM

Sick/ Disabled Deadline Monday, November 6th 5:00 PM

ELECTION DAY GENERAL Tuesday, November 7th6:30 AM- 7:30 PM

Certification of Election Friday, November 17th 11:00 AM



Our Campaign 




Public Safety

Public Safety is essential for all Charlotteans. Public Safety is a cornerstone, a foundation and one of the economic engines for our great City.




Transparent Government

It is important that the citizens of Charlotte feel that they have an effective and responsive City Council that listens to their needs and addresses their concerns. If elected, I will commit to reaching out and communicating with you, the people that I represent.




 Economic Development

I believe in “The Four R’s” – Reinvest, Renovate, Revitalize and Respect Charlotte.

However, this does not only apply only to real estate, buildings or infrastructure.

This truly applies to our people and our communities…

Our Team

We are a caucus of diverse, motivated, and dedicated individuals who have gathered together as a TEAM to help bring Common Sense Back to Charlotte Politics.

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