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Failure is not trying ...

Election 2017

My Sole Goal - Serving The Community

On November 7, 2017,  only 21.00% of the citizens of Charlotte exercised their civic responsibility to vote -  148,098 out of 705,381 registered voters.  I was not elected. 

I Ran To Serve Charlotte

One of my friends who works within the region's media arena replied to an email I sent: "... It's just tough to be an R in Charlotte these days ..." 

I congratulate all those who ran for these municipal offices and won. I salute all those who ran and were not elected. I applaud all - I respect your sacrifice to serve.

Charlotte's landscape continues to change. Our nation and world's landscape continues to change. I'll always be a faithful servant, and I know there is a door that is yet to be revealed. 

Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement via Facebook, private messages, texts and emails. Now its time to step away from politics, and focus on my wife, my career and life.

I am just honored for your friendship and support. I have been blessed over these last five years to meet incredible people that, given other circumstances, our paths would have never crossed. For that I am truly grateful. 

And for those who I do not know, or to those who do not know me and cast stones, I wish you the best. Maybe one day you'll get to know who I am.


John Powell

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